Sunday, September 12, 2004


1. In the Mission Theological Advisory Group there has been a tradition of producing lengthy reports for decision-makers and shapers in the churches. This time we are challenged to produce a series of booklets and hands-on resources.

2. We were given the brief of fresh approaches to 'missionary apologetics'. We have actually spent most of our time getting back into the 'Gospel and popular culture' interaction, with an awareness of its religious, political and cultural resonances.

4. Our focal idea is now to produce materials on the senses - smell, sight, touch, sound, taste and intuition/thought - in the context of the body. Bodily existence is a common human experience across time and culture, and in terms of the Gospel it is offered transformation through the death and risen life of Jesus.

5. This approach enables us to be practical, narrative and experimental - rather than theoretical, propositional and dogmatic. It also enables us to share, at least in part, a 'common language' with those outside the Christian household: that doesn't rely on dodgy epistemic assumptions.

6. We don't want to be individualistic either. We want to look at the senses as media for persons-in-relation (a biblical perspective) and to be conscious of the relations between the body and the body politic - as well as what difference connecting these to the Body of Christ makes.

7. That, I hope, gives you a general idea. I should stress that it's my interpretation, and the group are good at seeing things differently - in a creative way!

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