Saturday, October 16, 2004


Many people in contemporary society assume that the Bible has nothing to say to the ordinary world of work, leisure, lifestyle, innovation and the political vision for the well-being of society. One of MTAG's consultants, David Spriggs, works for Bible Society, which is currently working in four sectors concerned with making just such a connection: education, politics, the arts and the media.

"We are trying to demonstrate how the biblical narrative can provide an alternative vision for public life. Public theology in public engagement is a project seeking to make the Bible heard in cultural and public life, while a vision for the renewal of public life is an initiative in the Bristol area that aims to put the Bible back into community life and public debate."

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Friday, October 15, 2004


"Classically, evangelical faith has used this Gospel in a relentless attempt to drive people into heaven. In my world, such threats drive more people out of the church." So writes John Linscheid in a challenging reflection on St John's Gospel which first appeared in The Other Side magazine, which is sadly about to close. "The people I know have diverse spiritualities. We discover God in a million places where 'normal' Christianity finds only danger... Most of us are or once were deeply committed to the Christian church. At one or another epiphany, we turned a corner in our lives. We experienced our turning point as a liberating new beginning in our spiritual as well as our personal lives. But we found the church resistant or even hostile to our new direction."

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